Richard Shaw

Director of IT and Dev Ops




The Evolution of DevOps

Friday, October 4th at 1:00 PM in Aquamarine

Richard Shaw is a Director of IT and DevOps for ActiGraph, LLC, where Richard leads ActiGraph’s IT and software product development efforts by providing effective leadership, technology supervision, and positive administration while implementing best practices in information technology and development operations.

Richard has worked as a software developer for ActiGraph. He has created and maintained various desktop and web applications covering various programming languages. He has also worked as an IT administrator in his earlier career for ActiGraph where he designed, installed, configured and optimized enterprise computer systems and networks in a cross-platform environment.

Richard was born in Jacksonville, NC on August 21, 1985. He grew up most of his younger years in Virginia, graduating high school in 2003, before joining the United States Marine Corps in 2004 at the age of nineteen. He graduated from USMC Aviation Electronics before honorably leaving the military in 2007. He continued his education and graduated with a A.S. in Computer Programming, Analysis, and Web Development from Pensacola State College in 2017 and further continues his education into Cybersecurity as PSC.

Richard is married to Kelly Shaw, a future veterinarian currently advancing her career at Pensacola’s Safe Harbor Animal Hospital. He lives in Pensacola, FL. He enjoys playing tennis, swimming, and running. His favorite hobbies are video games, custom PC building, and freelance software programming.

You can reach Richard at or go to