Marcus Neto

Marcus grew up in the Washington D.C. area. He and his wife, Jennifer, met in highschool choir. He has 3 boys, Miles, Preston, and Ethan, that are growing up too fast. Marcus and his wife moved their family to the Eastern Shore in 2004, two weeks before Hurricane Ivan. Talk about a welcome! Moving here from Washington D.C. was a whirlwind decision and Ivan manifested that in a very real way.

Marcus worked his way through college at James Madison University by working at Lowe’s Home Centers. At the time, Lowe’s was extremely focused on Customer Service. This shaped the way he, and Blue Fish, conducts business today.

After graduation, Marcus started in the technology industry. He has held various roles like Performance Tester, Systems Analyst, Technical Sales Consultant, Communications Director, Director of Business Development and Product Evangelist. He has worked on hundred million dollar systems and $500 dollar websites. The constant in his career is helping people understand the technology and how it can empower them.

In 2007 he founded Blue Fish, an Advertising Agency. They help small and medium-sized businesses overcome obscurity. They offer marketing strategy, branding, websites, search engine optimization, social media management, video production and more. 

If you get to know Marcus you’ll find he likes photography, design, being near the water, and the laughter of his family. Oh… and ice cream. He really likes ice cream.

Marketing in the Digital Age

Is marketing dead? All you need is a really awesome product or service, right? Wrong! Come hear Marcus Neto, Owner of Blue Fish, speak about engaging with your audience and Marketing in the Digital Age.