Christian Um Kaman


Christian Um Kaman, grew up in the Washington, DC area, earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Bowie State University, Maryland. He is married to Commander Lena Kaman, a United States Navy pilot at the Navy’s Helicopter Training Squadron Eight (HT-8) in Naval Air Station Whiting Field. He is currently pursuing a second degree in Computer Science at the University of West Florida. In 2014, Christian founded 2Enovate LLC, a creative agency and consulting company that takes pride in delivering digital services and innovative experiences to clients. Services include web development, user interface (UI) and user experiences (UX) app design, social media marketing, and technical advising. 2Enovate LLC is also a proud supporter of small startups, military veteran business owners and local businesses. 2enovate LLC has produced a subsidiary business,
the “Where In That City” brand. To date, the “Where In Newport” and “Where In Annapolis” apps are operational, providing residents and visitors with information and recommendations for events, dining spots, and attractions. Christian created the brand to help local pop-up shops, small businesses, and startups in smaller-sized cities. He is adding the Decoovr ™ app to the portfolio which will be released soon. Christian is passionate about technology. In 2016 and 2017, he undertook the role as Director and Instructor at Lavner Camps hosted by George Washington University. The Summer Camp opportunities include 20+ Specialty Day Camps, Exploration Day Camp, TECH R3VOLUTION™,
GreenFun Eco Camp, and the CIT Leadership Program (Counselor In Training). Christian’s favorite curriculums to teach were Robotics, NEXT Generation Coding, Video Game Design, and Computer Programing with JavaScript. Lavner Camps provided Christian with resources to show children how to read and write a machine language and to think computationally.  He believes that coding is an important skill set for the future. Shaping the minds of young people and sharing technical knowledge with them is a great way to enhance the future of our community and foster innovation. Furthermore, Christian believes that children who learn to code will develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills, obtain digital literacy, and improve their understanding of the world around them.

If you are interested in collaborating on a project or want to ask Christian a question regarding starting your own business or app, reach out to him at or visit his website at


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