Chris Tonn

Chris Tonn is the CEO of Pelican Drones in Pensacola, FL. Chris graduated with a Marketing Sales degree from the University of Memphis and has a background of event production and telecom wholesale. He moved here from Memphis, Tennessee 3 years ago with the desire to improve his quality of life. Soon after moving to Pensacola he was inspired by YouTube and seeing videos of what some people were beginning to do with drones. Instantly he connected with the drone as a better tool for highlighting properties and events. From there he filed to become the very first commercial FAA licensed drone company from New Orleans to Tallahassee and went on to demonstrating the capabilities of services to the local business market. At first, it was just drone photos and video, but Pelican Drones quickly added ground camera services to their drone videos to enhance the dynamics of our videos and create a one-stop shop for our clients. From there the company continued to expand services beyond video to include inspections, drone equipment sales & training, construction progress shots, 3D mapping, and we became the first volunteer drone company to join Escambia County Search and Rescue. He has always loved technology and helping other businesses grow.

The Future of Drones