Chris Hendricks

Software Developer

Believer. Thinker. Innovator. Mold & Statistic Breaker. Husband. Father. I don’t fit into your box…
Chris provides technology solutions for churches, small businesses and individuals with a smile. He is a student of many trades, having a love for technology dating back to the Atari 2600. Chris has been developing professionally since 2010 and hacking ecommerce websites together since 2005. 
Chris joined the US Navy after high school stepping foot on 6 of 7 continents in just under 5 years. After exiting the Navy and returning home to Pensacola he has been a part of the local IT community. Started two internet companies for emergency preparedness products after Hurricane Ivan ravaged Pensacola, FL and recently Grafted Vine Radio an urban Christian hip hop internet station, participated in such events as Startup Weekend. He is a founding member of CoderDojo Pensacola as its original tech champion. Chris enjoys empowering young and disenfranchised people with technology and entrepreneurship to help equalize the playing field of life.

Chris is married with 4 kids and has other personal hobbies and loves such as fast & furious cars with loud booming music, Christian hip hop, and wants to be a DJ when he grows up.

Hello World.



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The only thing constant in life is change. After 9 moves and 20 job titles in the Air Force, I thought I was pretty good at adapting to change. Yet transitioning to civilian life introduced a ton of stress as I was finally forced to decide what I wanted to do when I grow up. Instead of feeling liberated, I found myself under pressure to make the perfect choices as I would have live with the consequences of these decisions for the rest of my life. After much soul searching, I stumbled across the “Design your Life” philosophy that recommends using iterative design cycles to navigate towards multiple, equally fulfilling career options. I’d like to share how I applied these principals to design my second career and hope that you might find them useful for your personal life as well.


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You have to be comfortable with hundreds of failures before you cozy up to success.