Carson Wilber

Idea by Design Group

Carson Wilber is a senior undergraduate student in Computer Science, Cybersecurity & Mathematics at the University of West Florida, President of the AI Research Group, a member of the Cybersecurity Club, and a UWF Center for Cybersecurity Ambassador. He co-founded Idea by Design Corp, a technology startup using artificial intelligence, blockchain, and web services to disrupt the human resources industry. Carson volunteers for community initiatives across the panhandle, represents various academic nonprofits, and co-founded INERTIA Education Programs, Inc. to bring high-quality afterschool STEM programs to underserved schools in Escambia County. He attended ITEN WIRED in 2017 and spoke on ITEN WIRED Radio about the Summit’s value for a student and the outlook of cybersecurity on the Emerald Coast. He co-authors the Emerging Coast community series on LinkedIn.

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