Anthony Lawrence

Anthony (Tony) Lawrence is the founder and CEO of VOR Technology. Tony is a service-disabled veteran of the U.S Army, where he provided operational oversight for two counter-terrorism offices within the Department of Defense (DOD). He has tracked and reported intelligence on over 100 Counter-Terrorism targets of interest. His cyber target geo-location efforts produced intelligence reports directly leading to the capture or elimination of terrorists worldwide. Because of his knowledge and high mission success rate, SGT Lawrence was hand selected to work directly for the Director National Security Agency (DIRNSA). On his behalf, he delivered patented USCYBERCOM/NSA briefings to senior U.S. military flag officers, members of the Presidential Staff, members of Congress and staff, U.S Ambassadors, Senators, Executive Branch officials, Stakeholders, and Foreign Dignitaries, ensuring support and cooperation for SIGINT and Cyber missions.

Five years later, Mr. Lawrence has created an amazing company focused on providing superior tactical mission support to DOD and our country. Under Tony’s leadership, VOR has grown to over 300 cleared employees establishing a working-presence across the United States to include Florida, Georgia, Utah, Texas, Alaska and the greater Washington D.C area.

Entering The Age Of Quantum

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