Shana Penna

CEO Founder Inmogeia Technologies, Inc.

Shana is an internationally focused entrepreneur creating technology that makes an impact. Her passion is stimulated by developments in global health technology trends that use emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, and blockchain. She has dedicated her career to finding the intersection between technology and transformational outcomes. Prior to founding Inmogeia Technologies, Shana was the cofounder of an assistive technology company, Puffin Innovations, which used AI and internet of things connectivity to empower those with severe disabilities. She received an MBA from the prestigious MIT Sloan dual degree program at Tsinghua University in Beijing China.

Transform Lives with Impact Driven Innovation

Innovation is changing all of our lives, with some technologies influencing our every day in extraordinary ways while others get called in front of congress to justify. This presentation is focused on how we can all become impact innovators, no matter what we focus on. Impact innovation does not mean that we are always creating disruptive technologies for the populations that need it most, it instead means that we are making sure that as we innovate we are bringing everyone to the table – from our user design initiatives to the staff we hire. Impact innovation thrives on diversity of thought, and the process that goes along with collective ideation is what has nurtured so much of our current technologies.

Participants of the talk will walk away with a new perspective to innovation, from both a historical to a present day view. They will learn how reframing the way that a company thinks of the innovation process can contribute to new, impact driven, innovations expanding a companies market potential. Additionally, participants will be taken through methodologies to discover what they can do to contribute to innovations that help others.