Nino Vidovic

Founder; bluFON Corp

Nino Vidovic, Ph.D. is former Chief Technologist, AI Enabled IT, Service Assurance and Cloud Application Services at Digital Workplace, Konica Minolta Business Solutions. He oversaw technology direction, leading design of AI Enabled Cloud Management and Service Assurance Platforms and various cloud-based SaaS management solutions, directing a global team spanning multiple research and development sites on three continents, and collaboration with strategic partners and customers. Before Konica Minolta, Dr. Vidovic was CTO Centre for Innovations, Corporate Research at Huawei. Prior to Huawei Nino was Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Cisco Network Management Technology Group, Cisco Systems. Prior to Cisco, Nino held the positions of Vice President of Internet Platform Technology Organisation at AT&T. Nino was founder and CEO of a couple Silicon Valley startups, holds a doctorate in Computer Science from the University of Zagreb and a masters in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Bringing order to file “chaos”: BYOD and secure file sharing across cloud and corporate storage

Are your personal and business files scattered across several cloud storage accounts? Do you need access to your cloud files while you are traveling or offline and have them automatically sync when back online? Do you want a single login and a unified view of all of your files across all of your cloud accounts? Do you want to bring order to this “file chaos”?

With the advent of inexpensive cloud storage services, more and more businesses and individuals are putting their digital assets online. And why not? Cloud storage is cheap and lets you access your files from anywhere with any device using a web browser. Sound too good to be true? Well, it is.

Most people now have multiple cloud storage accounts – one for business, one for personal, one for hobbies, consulting, etc. They also have their personal media files scattered across their many smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Unfortunately, each cloud account requires a separate login, you cannot view or manage your files across these accounts and your home videos are scattered across multiple devices and you can never seem to find them. And the big hidden secret of these “storage silos” – not only is it impossible to remember your convoluted passwords, but you can only access your files when you are connected to the internet. What about when you are offline?

With FilePod(TM), employees can effectively decouple the environment that hosts enterprise data (both in house storage and Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive cloud storage) from the personal devices that employees use to access the data, and control the security, configuration, deployment and updates, without impacting the end user experience and privacy. filePod(TM) gives IT back the control needed to provide a consistent and stable environment to control access to company data without compromising end-users privacy. By streamlining support for private mobile devices, companies now can expect to realize significant savings in their IT BYOD mobile budget.