Hannah Becker

Creative Director
Becker Digital

Hannah Becker is the Creative Director at Becker Digital, a veteran-owned marketing and public relations agency headquartered in NW Florida. Becker has a B.S. degree from Mississippi State University, an MBA from Florida Institute of Technology, and certifications in cybersecurity, education and nonprofit management. Before moving back to the Sunshine State, Becker taught business, computer science, and economics at multiple Midwestern universities. Today, she focuses her work on supporting mission-driven organizations in achieving their community goals.

Becker’s been active in the realm of influencer marketing since 2012 and has collaborated on national campaigns with AARP, BB&T, Forté Foundation, Heifer International, Intuit Quickbooks, Lincoln Military Housing, Reward Volunteers, TYLENOL®, and others. She is passionate about relationship-focused digital strategies that cultivate brand loyalty and improve communities. Becker volunteers as a career mentor with Hiring Our Heroes, Society of Military Spouses in STEM, and Military Officers Association of America’s Pensacola Chapter.

Presentation Title(s)

Influencer Marketing in the Digital Age

Influencer marketing has taken the digital world by storm. Bloggers, Instagram stars, and YouTube personalities have turned their online platforms into market-ready channels that connect brands with social media users. Influencer marketing is projected to be a $10 billion market in 2019.

As traditional media consumption declines, and the use of online ad blockers increases, marketing professionals need innovative and cost-effective mediums to connect with consumers. Recent reports revealed that consumers, especially those identified as Millennials and Generation Z, have become virtually immune to all types of traditional ad placement, from outdoor billboards to prime time commercials.

By delivering brand information through a trusted third party (aka influencers), organizations can reach commercially-numb consumers in a more authentic and less spammy manner. Skilled influencers will do more than just relay campaign information to their followers; they will generate an online buzz that has the potential to build a loyal fan base developed through trust-based strategies instead of intrusive broadcasting tactics.

Presentation highlights:

-What is Influencer Marketing?

-How does Influencer Marketing differ from other traditional and online marketing strategies?

-Influencer Marketing’s Challenges and Opportunities

-What Influencer Marketing Can Do For Your Organization

-How to Structure a Success Influencer Marketing Campaign

-Managing Influencer-Brand Relationships

-The Future of Influencer Marketing

Audience: Organizational leaders, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and influencers.