ITEN WIRED Cybersecurity Competition VI (2023)

Saturday, October 14th — 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Free — By Invitation Only


Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

The 2023 ITEN WIRED Cybersecurity Competition is once again sponsored by GBSI. By invitation, teams will have an opportunity to apply cybersecurity skills, practice the craft, and experience a day in the life of the Security Operations Center.

The competition will be held at the GBSI Security Operations Center, 316 S. Baylen St. Suite 500, Pensacola, FL, 32502.

Results will be presented during a morning session on Thursday, October 19th.

A file photo of a group of students using computers during the ITEN WIRED Summit 2022 Cyber Competition.


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Cybersecurity Competition V (2022)

1st Place

Cybersecurity Competitions I-VI (2016-2019)

Special thanks to the University of West Florida Center for Cybersecurity for hosting the inaugural Cybersecurity Competition as well as each competition until 2019. Up to 35 students participated in each competition in teams representing their respective institutions, including high school and university level competitors.

The Florida Cyber Range provided the environment for university level teams to perform red and blue team operations and apply their technical skills and academic knowledge to capture the flags – files and logical units with secret codes – hidden throughout each of the other team’s networks while preventing the other teams from capturing their own.

High and middle school teams competed by answering “Jeopardy!” style trivia questions to earn points. University level teams additionally scored extra points after completing the primary exercise by answering as many questions as possible in a limited time frame.

Cybersecurity Competition IV (2019)

1st Place – University of West Florida
2nd Place – Gulf Coast State College
3rd Place – University of South Alabama

Cybersecurity Competition III (2018)
1st Place – University of West Florida
Runner-Up – Pensacola State College
Cybersecurity Competition II (2017)
1st Place – University of West Florida
Cybersecurity Competition I (2016)
1st Place – Pensacola State College