ITEN WIRED announces a partnership with the AFCEA Blue Angels Pensacola Chapter that will integrate TechNet CyberCoast into this year’s summit. The TechNet CyberCoast track will be offered on Thursday, October 19th. It will feature a full day of keynote speakers and breakout sessions that will focus on cybersecurity, intelligence, and other technology topics, relevant to government, military and industry participants. Registration is open to the public, AFCEA members, as well as government and military personnel. TechNet attendees will have the option to purchase a ticket to participate in TechNet CyberCoast or combination of TechNet and ITEN WIRED programming.

“The focus of ITEN WIRED has always been about showcasing the tech community of the CyberCoast and connecting it with other parts of the state, the Southeast region, and even at a global level. Having local government and military communities participate this year will increase visibility for this area and help achieve the objective,” said ITEN WIRED planning committee director, Jim Rhodes. “Moving the local tech community forward is going to require a team effort and I am excited to have AFCEA on board as a partner.”

“AFCEA International, Blue Angels Chapter partnering with the established ITEN WIRED conference will bring the first AFCEA TechNet to the CyberCoast, and this year’s theme The CyberCoast, Defending America, emphasizes the importance the region brings to the nation as a whole.” said Bill Dunn, President of the chapter. “AFCEA TechNets are long established, credible events bringing government, military, educational institutions and the private sector together for networking and discussing relevant technical issues. AFCEA Blue Angels Chapter looks forward to building upon this first TechNet and making this a future premier annual event.”

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